Saturday, February 10, 2007


I've been following Andrew McAuley's paddling journey crossing the Tasman Sea since early December, and following his planning and preparation before that. It now looks like something has gone horribly wrong. I'm left bewildered and in shock.

A huge thanks to Derrick Mayoleth and his blog Kayak Quixotica who managed to keep the information coming all night long, so we could at least know what was happening as events unfolded.

I hope this will not be a tragic story that leaves so many questions unanswered, I need these answers. My heart and thoughts go out to his family and friends.

This will be a somber day on the lake for me. I'll find it hard to leave, not to stay by the internet looking for more news and answers. But the weather is looking good, and I expect Andrew would rather we think of him and continue to pray for him as the search continues, while we too are paddling our Seas.

Today I'll plan to work on sailing/paddling practice in lighter winds.

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capt'n said...

Fingers crossed and sending positive vibes for his safe return and stories to be told...