Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It's Gonna be Quite a Race

It's really starting to get exciting, about 3 weeks to go, March 3, Tampa Bay to Key Largo.

Last years UM, EC, and UFC starters.

Registration is closed, 41 boats are planning to participate in this years WaterTribe Everglades Challenge, check out the rooster here.

The breakdown:

10 solo kayaks
4 double kayaks

1 solo Class 2
2 double 2's

3 single Class 3's - including myself
2 double 3's

10 solo class 4's
9 double 4's - 2 of them Team RAF canoes

Looks to be a pretty good challenge, and some racing too.

Did I read SaltyFrog and SharkChow are teaming up in solo kayaks in Class1? That sounds like an unbeatable pairing!

SnoreBringGator might need more competition in Class 3 with his new Prijon Kodiak with a Nomadic Sail Rig. Some of the new trimarans are registered in Class 4, he'll likely be racing them too!

Lots of Core Sound monohull sailboats this year, including the new EC22 being built, and described as a Core Sound on steriods.

Even Chief's got a new boat this year, the Tridarka Raider (almost finished). Should be some pressure on Chief for a good showing in this new trimaran for adventure sailing, a collaboration between him and Wizard (a proven designer of small sailboats).

Check out the Rogues Gallery for photo's of some of the competitors.

Stay tuned to reporting on this blog, and full race reports on the WaterTribe Discussion Forum for updates.

But the real excitment will be watching to see if SandyBottom can maintain her last place record :) Always a cruiser, yet always a finisher. just hope I can make up time to add the Everglades Wilderness Waterway this year, it's an additional 30 miles.

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Michael said...

Quite the line-up and what an interesting variety of craft being entered. It almost, that's almost, makes me want to compete one year! I just know I'd turn off to explore something and never get back to the race, however!