Monday, February 19, 2007

What is Wrong with this Picture?

It was very windy and very cold yesterday. Good intentions, but the lake didn't happen.

Brought the boat inside to work on outfitting and practice setting up the sail, releasing it, and getting the mast down while in the boat.

It's was pretty cold in Tampa over the weekend too, lows in the 20's last night. Lets hope all this bad weather all over the country ends soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dawn---I want to watch you portage the rig up the stairs :-)

Anonymous said...

i want to see you catch wind!!! LOL

Michael said...

Nothing's wrong, Dawn. I had my SOF in our living room for several days while I sewed the center seam. Great way to watch TV! I wasn't allowed to paint it there however... LOL

Susanita said...

When I got my hot pick surfski last winter I left it in the living room for a month ... just so I could visit it every day. Love the peachy walls!