Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Training for Distance Paddling Races

A very interesting and popular website is that of Mountain Wayfarer, Marek Uliasz. His interests range from photography on the water, to long distance endurance paddling races.

Marek maintains 2 very popular blogs, Paddling with a Camera, and Fitness Paddling which focuses on training and racing with a kayak and canoe. His website is a wealth of information, these blogs are only a small piece of the information it contains.

Most recently on Fitness Paddling, Merek has started a mini-series on training tips for long distance endurance paddling races. This would include events like the 260 mile Texas Water Safari, the Missouri River 340, the Colorado River 100, the 300 mile WaterTribe Everglades Challenge, or the 460 mile Yukon River Quest.

The series started by asking several racers with a potentially different perspectives to share their experiences, beginning with Carter Johnson (current holder of the Guinness 24 Hour Flat Water Paddling Record, among other things) and West Hanson, a well known racer among the Texas Water Safari races and last years winner of the Missouri River 340.

I'm honored to have been included in this bunch, and am currently the featured racer, providing training tips from the perspective of a "Cruiser". But do not mistake a lack of competitiveness on my part. As I mentioned in this latest posting, both (cruiser or racer) "require a good deal of competitiveness; one is directed against others the other is personal".

The Everglades Challenge is in less than 2 weeks, then I plan to compete in the Missouri River340 this July. The Yukon River Quest has always been on my radar, I just haven't figured out the logistics yet.

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