Sunday, February 18, 2007

What are Friends for?

I get a few comments on my blog postings, but mostly I get a lot of off-line emails containing comments, suggestions, and encouragement. This one after yesterday evenings posting is by far the best.

It was titled 'Observations, not being Critical', and contained the photo I had posted, with annotated suggestions.

Brian you're the best! Thanks! I got a great laugh out of it (have some spare time do you with all that cold weather), and some excellent advice.

Brian is one of my email pen-pals, who I finally met last year in Florida, he was participating in the WaterTribe UltraMarathon, which is the 1st stage of the Everglades Challenge, running at the same time.

Brian had been a great cheerleader of mine, and now of my son Alan (he donated the sails to Team RAF). Brian blogs, under the title 'Captain of the "0" Dark 30', ending each daily posting with a great inspirational quote.

He's a pretty interesting guy, an adventurer, adventure racer, and someone whose work ethic is about giving back to society, check out his organization called PEAK, Providing Education Adventure for Kids.

I'll be seeing Brian again in July, as we are both racing in the Missouri River 340 padding race.

I'm off to the lake again, with some new lessons.

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Capt'n "O" Dark 30 said...

What are friends for? Can't wait for pay back when you kick my butt in the Missouri 340! Paddle paddle sail!