Thursday, February 15, 2007

KiwiBird makes the Big Time

If you've followed my blog for awhile, you've read about two of my paddling partners, Dee and Kristen. Dee and I have been padding together for years. Kristen is someone we only met the summer of 2005 when she moved to N.C. In fact one of my first posts in November 2005 was about a paddling weekend the three of us did at Hutaff and Lee Island on the NC coast. This during my training for last years UFC.

I'm still working on Dee, but Kristen has become a WaterTriber, tribal name KiwiBird (she is from New Zealand of course). She is also the "other" solo female entry in this years Everglades Challenge, registered as a Class 1 participant in her new kayak, an Arctic Raider by Grahame Sisson, with Pacific Action Sail.

And now, she's also a blogger (click on blog logo below).

You can follow her life adventures on her blog, or on her Everglades Challenge Journals that are being posted on her new sponsors website Bubba Girl. Bubba Girl is a website devoted to encouraging women and girls of all ages to get out and be adventurous via mentors and real-life experiences by ordinary women.

Going from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Michael said...

You gals have fun now, ya hear!