Saturday, March 04, 2006

Day1: 46 miles in 12 hours

... as reported by "DancesWithSandyBottom"

By the end of the day, Dawn had paddled a total of 46 miles. (Averaging 3.8 mph = 46 miles / 12 hours). Dawn said she had a relatively easy day. Conditions were very good. No fog banks this year. She stopped to tent camp near Venice, Florida on a tiny island called 'Snake Island'. Several other challengers also camped there: "ThereAndBackAgain", "AlaskanSeaHorse", etc. Rather than continue further on Day1, she decided to rest and start early in the morning (~4am) to cover the final 20 miles to Checkpoint1 (CP1).

Covering 1200 miles in 30 days means covering 40 miles per day (1200 = 30 x 40), on average.

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