Sunday, March 05, 2006

Day2: Another 45 Miles

... as reported by "DancesWithSandyBottom"

Up at 3:30am and on the water by 4:30. Twenty miles later reached CP1.

Arrival at CP1...
Departure from CP1...
"Chief" and others filmed the arrivals and departures at CP1 which you can see on his videos:

Dawn's progress is mapped out on that same webpage (choose challenge=UF, challenger=SandyBottom.)

The visit at CP1 was as brief as possible. Signed in, bought a better spray-cover for the cockpit and sped off. Dawn said she was enjoying paddling part of the time with ThereAndBackAgain, AlaskanSeaHorse, and SnoreBringGator.

At the end of the day at 10:00 pm, Dawn called home from a hammock-tent at her stop for the night on Chino Island in Pine Island Sound (near Sanibel, Florida). No beach for her boat, so it will float via anchor-rope tied to a tree for the night. Lots of bugs. Tired.

This campsite is ~80 miles from CP2 at Chokoloskie / Everglades City. The weather forecasts indicate large seas and 10-20 knot winds for Day3 and some of Day4.

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