Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Day11: Pompano Beach to Jupiter Lighthouse

... as reported by "DancesWithSandyBottom"

SandyBottom traveled 51.4 miles today. (Pictures thanks to "Tyro".)

Yesterday (Monday) was hot and humid. Sandybottom's strategy for Day11 (Tuesday) was to launch at 2:30 AM, paddle eight hours and then take a four-hour rest in shade, if possible, before paddling another eight hours. Covering 50 miles on Day11 with that strategy would put her at Jupiter Lighthouse Park by 11:00 PM. This strategy provides eight hours of sleep per day but in two four-hour segments. It would avoid the heat of mid-day but requires four hours of paddling after sunset --mostly on straight lines up the well-marked intracoastal waterway.

Apart from endless miles of waterside golf courses, good places to rest (campgrounds) were sparse in this segment of the challenge. SandyBottom called home at 9:15 AM to report 22.3 miles of progress during the 7 hours since 2:30 AM. She was 13.5 miles south of Peanut Island, which is a wonderful place to stop for a shower, nap and battery recharge, so she headed there. She was expecting to reach Peanut Island Park and campground at about 1:00 PM Tuesday.

Winds were light Tuesday morning. If tides 'this side of the inlet' were favorable then they were unfavorable on 'that side of the inlet'.

SandyBottom said she is sure those upper-body strengthening workouts at Balanced Movement Studios during her training have made it possible for her to keep going. She is appreciating those hour-long personal core and strength training workouts that Elizabeth provided 2-3 days a week, the twice weekly spin classes taught by Elizabeth with a great group of cyclists, the yoga classes with Jamie Powell, and the encouragement and support by all the staff at the studio.
Thanks again!

SandyBottom arrived on Peanut Island at 1:30, stayed until 3:15 to recharge the phone, do laundry and enjoy a refreshing shower! She called in to say that she felt much more awake and energized, even though she did not take a nap. She would have rested there but Peanut Island did not have shade to offer. So she left as soon as her phone battery was recharged. She paddled another 13 miles and reached Jupiter Lighthouse / Park / Jupiter Inlet by 8:00 PM. Near Jupiter, the winds were very light so she caught up with DrKayak as his paddle was the only thing moving him along.

She is now about 65 miles from CP5 at Sebastian, FL.

A few more photos have been posted...

SandyBottom appears landing at Key Largo in the set labeled
"Chief - Key Kargo festivities and Wayfarer to Jensen Beach".

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