Thursday, March 16, 2006

Day13: Fort Pierce to CP5 at Sebastian

... as reported by "DancesWithSandyBottom"

At 6:20 AM SandyBottom and DrKayak reported that they were launching to cover the final 28 miles to CP5 at Sebastian Inlet. Her estimated time of arrival was 4:00 PM.

By 8:00 AM SandyBottom was paddling solo again as the favorable southeast wind picked up and sent DrKayak and his class3 sail rig gliding ahead at a slightly faster pace. She said she was looking forward to a hot shower and rest.

View of her arrival at 3:00 PM...

A strong wind from the southeast and the outgoing tide almost carried SandyBottom past the checkpoint on Coconut Point.

As if the wind and tide were saying "don't stop here", she got the message.

She reported that she had decided that this was not the place to rest for very long. She said she figured the time and place for a longer rest and for catching up on sleep will be further up the course on Saturday morning when a weather front brings a strong unfavorable north wind.

Her immediate plans were to shower, clean up her gear, do laundry, recharge the phone, have a good dinner with WaterTribe folks, sleep for about 6 hours and then move on to take advantage of the favorable winds when the next rising tide coming into the inlet will help push her north.

DrKayak arrived at CP5 before SandyBottom and both were greeted by "Porky" sent by "Chief" to provide a warm welcome. Porky pointed to way to the hot showers and brought them their stage bags (bucket-sized drybags/containers they had packed with caches of supplies for Stage3.) Porky kindly took DrKayak and SandyBottom out to a restaurant for dinner. He was also available to provide transportation if they needed to do any shopping.

The progess of SandyBottom looks like Florida wearing a shark tooth neclace...

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