Monday, March 20, 2006

Day17: From Daytona to St. Augustine

... as reported by DancesWithSandyBottom

Day17 is Monday, March 20. At the end of Day16, SandyBottom had completed about half of the 210 miles between CP5 and CP6. From Daytana, she aimed toward St. Augustine and paddled from 5 AM to midnight (19 hours). She covered 54 miles and reached a campsite in the harbor area.

A set of photos and videos collected since March 1 are available for viewing at this website...

(Some people with dial-up connections to the internet have reported having trouble fewing these; they might try using some other higher-speed connection; for example, at a public library.)

The winds are forecast to be from the favorable direction (south or southeast), but so far today the wind speed has been low in SandyBottom's location. "Not a flag is moving." The following chart from shows the situation at 7:00 AM (today, Monday March 20).

Blue indicates no wind. Green and warmer colors indicate increasing wind speeds.


Anonymous said...

Go Dawn!!
Katja (from Spinning)

ET said...

Thanks for the excellent coverage of this amazing challenge!! I look forward to reading each day on Dawn's (I mean Sandy Bottom) progress and adventures like the next episode of a serial drama! And you are cruising!
Pulling that boat on your bike will be a piece of cake. (can I say cake, or is that mean...?)
Go Dawn Go!!
more tailwinds from 304 Weaver St
love, ET & crew