Thursday, July 19, 2007

And We're Off

Alan and I leave tomorrow (Friday), we'll arrive at Stan's in Illinois on Saturday, and Kansas City on Sunday. We'll hopefully find some time for a couple quick shake down paddles on this famous Missouri River, then have some great social time meeting and greeting all the other participants.

My husband Paul has again offered to update my blog with race updates, so stay tuned (thank-you Paul). Also the race site is planning to maintain updates of the paddlers status here. The race starts Tuesday morning, July, 24th, with a 100 hour deadline.

Remember, I'm a cruiser not a racer, it's enough work for me to just finish these challenges, so I'll likely not be at the front of the pack. With 70 boat entrees, there are some real racers and racing boats in this years MR340, so it should be pretty exciting.

Alan is super-competitive, but not really much of a paddler. His forte is really sailing and he's quite good at it. He hasn't really even put in any paddling time preparing for this race. So, I'm thinking, he's going to really hurt bad, and if I can do this with minimum sleep (which I suspect is also his plan), then just maybe I can whup his young a$&.

I may only be a cruiser, but he got that competitive spirit from me :)


Kristen said...

GOOD LUCK! We'll be avidly watching and terribly proud before you even leave.

Dee said...

It's always so heartwarming to see a Mom trying to whup her offspring! Best of luck Dawn. Stay safe and have a great time. (Good luck to the youngun too!)


Midwest Paddle Adventures said...

Safe travels to our fair town, Dawn. I think I'll just follow behind both of you and let your competing wakes pull me along!!!
Can't wait to meet you and the rest of Team Kruger.


Capt'n "O" Dark 30 said...

See you in a couple of days!!!

paddle paddle paddle - "hut" paddle....

Michael said...

Good paddling you two! I'm already cheering. Funny that I'll be getting home just as you arrive... Mmmm... LOL

Anonymous said...

good luck from Napanee, Canada, were you a friend of John Flegg from Oshawa, Canada. Please pass on my support to him, from Ed in Napanee