Thursday, July 26, 2007

Missouri 340: CP6 at Jefferson City

SandyBottom and SOS arrived at CP6 near a bridge to Jefferson City at about 3:05 am (Central time) Thursday. SB called in at 7:25 am to say that they were on the water again headed for CP7, CP8 and the Finish Line. She said the 115-mile paddle from CP6 to the Finish Line was expected to take 19 hours, and that if they do not stop to sleep along the way, they could finish the race by 3:00 am Friday.

CP6 was a noisy place because of the traffic over the bridge. Getting 3 hours of sleep was difficult. SB said it seemed like every truck in the US crossed the bridge during the night.

The Bridge
(Source: GoogleEarth)

The bend in the river a mile upstream from CP6 (Source: GoogleEarth)


The Kansas City Star reported that "West Hansen and Richard Steppe won this year's Missouri River 340 race, finishing the journey down the Missouri River this morning in St. Charles, Mo. Hansen/Steppe team needed 44 hours and 27 minutes to finish the race, which started Tuesday in Kansas City, Kan. It was a repeat victory for Hansen, who won last year as a solo competitor in 53 hours, 29 minutes. Russ Payzant, who has been leading the racers down the river in a powered safety boat, said that most of the competitors had gone the entire race without sleep. About 65 boats remained in the competition as of late Wednesday night. "Imagine running a marathon times 10," Payzant said. "That's what they did.""

Among the 9 women paddling solo boats, SandyBottom is currently among the top 3. Erin Magee has an 8-hour lead on SB. Katie Pfefferkorn has a 6-hour lead on SB. Based on CP4 arrival times, the challengers following behind SB include Dawn Keller, Edie Jackson, Christina Glauner, and Nicki Eatinger who are 4 to 7 hours behind.

SOS is currently somewhere in the middle of the widely dispersed pack of 45 men paddling solo boats. Based on CP4 arrival times, about 20 of the 45 are ahead of SOS and the rest are behind him.

SandyBottom said that she heard at CP6 that one boat had a collision with a barge during the dark of night. She said the boat was the fast tandem outrigger sit-on-top that has been in first place in the mixed-tandem division. (That would be Ann Grove and Wayne Kocher ?) SB said the two paddlers were safely rescued. Perhaps news reports will be posted: Was the barge was moving? What damage to the boat?

It is well known that barges moving on the Missouri are a deadly hazard to paddlers --especially at night and in fog.

"Barge" [bahrj]
1. a kayaker's nightmare
2. dark thing coming up behind you

[Origin: ancient word for
"the captain can't see you"]

Photo: Garry McMichael


Michael said...

Thanks for the superb adventure updates as usual. I'm sure Alan and Dawn will not feel the 'missery' at the finish line.


ThereAndBackAgain said...

Thank you again Paul. The MR340 could learn from the WaterTribe how to make this a better spectator sport. Without your updates I'd be lost. Thanks for making it interesting.

Kristen said...

Don't know what we'd do without you, Paul. But I'm rather frustrated that Dawn's not calling at least every hour for you (and thus us!).