Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Missouri 340: CP1 at Lexington

SandyBottom reported in immediately after having arrived at checkpoint 1 (CP1) at Lexington, MO, at 3:38pm. SOS arrived at the same time. RiverJohn arrived at CP1 two minutes earlier.

She said that everyone was feeling good and having a great time.

Map positions of paddlers leaving CP1
as shown on the MR340 website.

Covering the 51.1 miles to CP1 in 7.633 hrs means average speed was 6.69 mph. Perhaps the river flow contributed roughly 3 of those mph.

Relative to the other 54 solo paddlers (women and men pooled), the arrival time of 3.38pm put SandyBottom and SOS in 25th / 26th place --that is, near the median of the solo paddlers.

The "pelaton" was expected to arrive at CP2 at Port of Waverly Park before 11:00 pm on Tuesday (Day1 of the race.) Waiting to hear about the arrivals at CP2....

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