Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Missouri 340: CP4 Stump Island at Glasgow

Map and news article.
Our paddlers rested at CP3 (Miami) from about 1:00am to 5:45am. But sleep was in short supply for all who arrived to camp at CP3 after midnight. A troop of Boy Scouts rolled in for a fund-raising event and cranked up a deafening generator at 3:30am which made sleep difficult thereafter --even for those who you'd expect could "sleep through anything".

SandyBottom and SOS left CP3 at 5:45am. SOS was feeling fine and had no trouble paddling the Kruger Seawind onward. Alrighty then!

Less than 6 hrs later and 37 miles downriver they arrived at CP4 at about 11:30am. (That's ~6.43 mph). They did not linger at CP4.

Paddling away from CP4, SandyBottom called in at 11:50am (Central time) to report plans and weather conditions. She said yesterday's cooling breeze had disappeared and the day was a hot one. Being a bit ahead of schedule, sleep deprived, and feeling the heat, the plan was to paddle an hour away from CP4 to the next boat ramp and find some cool shade for a brief nap. Good plan.

No doubt, Stan and Dana will be there for support. SandyBottom reported that Stan and Dana provided ice cream (!) at CP3 and are always ready with the ice and chilled water.

Thank you Stan and Dana!

SB noted that I should call Stan for "all the details and color commentary." Good idea.

In other Team Kruger news, SandyBottom reported that non-stop paddlers Mark Przedwojewski (a.k.a. ManitouCruiser) & Brian Weber (a.k.a. Captain O'dark Thirty) had successfully paddled their tandem Kruger Cruiser to second place overall, but had slipped to 4th place recently due to an episode of diarrhea that struck Brian. [insert your own joke here about going and going and going ...]. That's yet another G.I. upset in the ranks/"peloton". Stage actors wish each other good luck by saying, "Go out there and break a leg!" Perhaps the equivalent in the MR340 is something like "Drink some river and lick your paddle!" Here's hoping Brian is okay now.


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