Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Missouri 340: Captains' Meeting. Toe the Line

SandyBottom reported in on Monday after the 5pm Captains' meeting. It was not the usual thing; it featured a multi-media presentation and numerous news media personnel and was held in a ballroom large enough to handle the 90+ adventure racers (~70 boats) and their river-bank-running support teams. Apparently the 2nd annual MR340 is a well-run event.

At the meeting the racers heard all the latest about Big Muddy and were warned again to watch out for night time hazards such as the Black Swirl, the legendary invincible flying swarm of undead blood suckers, and an evil barge driver known as Captain Jax Parrow.

SandyBottom also reported that Tuesday morning the count-down to 8am was also exciting. News media crews were on hand to interview the racers (including SandyBottom) and record video reports:

Finally at the starting line at Kaw Point Park, rock music provided a sound track for the event, and the general public turn out to applaud the paddlers as they sprinted off. It is at Kaw Point that the Kansas River joins the big Missouri River.

For women and men who love kayak and canoe adventure races, the MR340 is a darn good venue for crossing paddles with top-notch paddlers
to win a golden medallion.

Yo ho me hearties! All hands to the boats!

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