Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Missouri 340: CP5 at Coopers Landing

10:19 pm (Central time).
Stan and Dana were waiting at CP5 when SandyBottom and SOS arrived at about 10:30 pm. They were waiting with cool water and delicious Subway sandwiches! Thanks Stan and Dana !

10:40 pm
SB called home at 10:40 as she and SOS were floating away from CP5 toward CP6 while enjoying their tasty subs by star light. Dinner while drifting at 3 mph. The post-subway plan: paddle a while longer --perhaps all of the remaining 26 miles to CP6 (Jefferson City) and then camp. ETA would be after 3am.

SandyBottom reported that the air was thick with bugs, so they are not using any lights. She found that nighttime visibility through a bug net over the head is poor, so no bug net either. By the way, the top speed of the Missouri mosquito is 1.2 mph.

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