Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Missouri 340: CP3 at Miami Riverfront Park

SandyBottom reported in at 1:00 am having arrived at CP3 a few minutes before. SandyBottom, SOS and many others were preparing dinner and putting up tents for a few hours sleep at CP3 with alarm clocks set for 5:00am. CP3 is 104.6 miles from the starting line. Arriving a little before 1:00 am means that they paddled with the river for almost 17 hours. The average speed over the 104.6 miles was thus 6.15 mph.

SOS battled severe nausea the last 20 miles coming into CP3 --for any of several possible reasons. For example, SB thought that SOS might have overdone the fluid intake. Whatever the correct diagnosis is, I am sure that was a tough 20 miles for SOS and it looks like it contributed to slowing him down to about 5.56mph during the 30 mile trip from CP2 to CP3. We are all hoping some sleep will let him feel better. Of course, SB and the folks at CP3 are making sure SOS does not become dehydrated. If necessary SOS and SB will extend their rest period at CP3. Health and safety on the river is top priority. I hope you feel better soon, Alan!

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