Thursday, July 12, 2007

Talk about a Challenge!

Roz Savage, 39, plans to row from San Francisco on the first leg of an endurance journey, a 2300- mile trip to Hawaii. She will likely leave this week, in a souped-up, 24-foot-long rowboat named the Brocade. Her rowboat is equipped with a tiny watertight cabin for sleeping, a bedpan and industrial quantities of health food bars, nuts and freeze-dried meals. This is not your grandfathers row boat.

The first stretch of her adventure should take Savage two to three months, then after taking a month to rest, she will depart for the final stages: a 2,600-mile trip to the island nation of Tuvalu, then 2,300 miles to Australia. Wow!

No stranger to rowing or adventure, Roz first took up rowing in college and rowed alone last year from Spain's Canary Islands, located off the northwestern African coast, to the island of Antigua in the Caribbean, as part of a rowing race across the Atlantic Ocean.

The goal of her journey is to raise awareness about marine conservation efforts. She has teamed up with Brocade Communications Systems Inc., her sponsor, which makes computer networking gear because of its commitment to reducing power consumption in corporate data centers.

She will not be followed by a rescue boat, but will carry a satellite phone, update her blog through a PC with satellite Internet access and be monitored online by Brocade employees and environmentalists through global positioning tracking technology.

Quite a physical, mental, and emotional feat. Now I'm thinking my MR340 will just be a paddle around the block :)

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