Friday, July 27, 2007

Missouri 340: Finished!

SandyBottom and SOS crossed the the Finish Line at 1:01 am Friday, July 27.

Their time in the race was 65 hours and 1 minute. Wow.

Photo by Dave J (Galt_57) of the St. Louis Canoe and Kayak Club.

During that time they got about 6 hours sleep. I roughly guestimate they spent another 2.5 hrs on land, and so were on the water for ~56.5 hrs averaging ~6 mph while moving.

SB and SOS called home in the wee hours Friday to report in very weary voices that they were headed out on a 40-minute drive to Stan and Dana's house for hot showers, food, and rest. Sleep well !

"Wayfarer" demonstrating proper post-race sleep technique. Note the blissful expression and relaxed paddle grip. (Photo by Connie Uliasz after Marek Uliasz finished the 2006 MR340 race.)

SB was 3/9

SandyBottom's goal for the race was to finish in 75 hours or less. Done! Among the 9 paddlers in the Women's Solo division, SandyBottom (at 65:01) finished 3rd. The other early finishers were Erin Magee (55:33) who used a wing paddle in a long sleek racer (Spencer Canoes DSX), and Katie Pfefferkorn (58:57) who used a Werner euro-blade and a 17-foot kayak on loan from Scott Mansker, the MR340 Coordinator. Katie did not bring the concrete canoe she recently built as part of her chemical engineering curriculum at M.U.; darn it! (Note: The MR340 website has incorrectly posted Katie's time as 48:57.) Final times are not yet posted for all of the other 6 solo women, but "DNF" has been posted for 3 of them.

SOS was 13/45
Among the 45 paddlers in the Men's Solo division, SOS (at 65:01) finished 13th using a single-blade paddle and Kruger Seawind on loan from Stan. First place was won by Dave Anderson (46:21). To date, "DNF" has been posted for 5 of the 45 solo men. "Wayfarer" Marek Uliasz (68:00) had to repair some leaks in his new boat (Thunderbolt X) but finished 14th. He has previously put together a fine photo gallery of the 2006 MR340; so, watch his website for his photos from the 2007 race. Compared to his time in the 2006 MR-340 (78:32) Marek improved his time substantially. Another WaterTribe friend "RiverJohn" Flegg (77:40) paddled his Kruger Seawind in to 21st place. I wonder if he'll be paddling home now up the Mississippi ... ?

ManitouCruiser and Capt of the O'dark30 4/18
Among the 18 teams in the men's tandem division, Mark and Brian (59:28) used single-blade paddles to bring a Kruger Cruiser in to 4th place. West Hansen and Richard Steppe (44:27) won 1st place in this division and were 1st overall across all divisions. West Hansen paddled solo in the 2006 MR-340 and was the overall winner (53:40 in 2006) in that first annual MR-340.

Mixed Tandem and Women's Tandem
Among the 3 mixed tandem boats, 2 are posted as "DNF" --that includes the team of Ann Grove & Wayne Kocher whose OC2 collided with a barge "train". One news report online mentions that they were swamped by the huge (bow) wave created by the barge, while the other report online says the a barge ran over their boat and they had to "crawl out from under the barge". There was only 1 entry in the women's tandem division: Di McHenry and Natalie Courson (61:09).

Well done all!


Alan said...

Holy crap my ass hurts a lot.

Latest report is that we got showers and are sleeping. Hooray!!!

Kristen said...

Woohoo! Cheers to you both! Fantastic effort and very proud. Sleep well!

Dee said...

Great news! Congratulations Dawn and Alan!


Michael said...

Tremendous! Good for you both!