Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Missouri 340: The Drive to Paddle

At week's end, our two members of the extended family of Team Kruger --SandyBottom and number one son SOS-- traveled west to find the starting line on the Missouri River.

This required two days of driving to meet up with team member Stan and his wife Dana near the finish line (take out) at St. Louis. Stan has switched his role from paddler to supportive river-bank-running for this race due to a tendonitis.

From the hospitality of Stan and Dana's home the team drove another four hours to the starting line (put in) at Kansas City. Meanwhile numberous other members of Team Kruger converged on Kansas City.

The trip from NC to KS added up to more than 16 hours spent rolling up the road. Clearly these are dedicated kayakers who have what it takes: the drive to paddle.


ThereAndBackAgain said...

I just looked at the times for check point #1. It looks like Dawn and Alan are both flying. Way to go!

Michael said...

Thanks for keeping us fans up-dated!